This  is about you, all about you; my muse I have yet to meet.

You may be a bride who wants to look breath-taking on your life-changing day; or a high school sweetheart who can't wait to shine at the formal; You could be a new model, who is excited but also anxious about the first portfolio shoot; or  a busy professional who can't afford much time but still wants to look polished on a daily basis. No matter who you are, tell me what you want. I will listen to you and understand your inner desire, to help you to fulfill your beauty dreams.

Everyone has different needs.  Therefore, the service I provide will be tailored to cater the need of YOU; and it includes but not limited to the following: 

  • Bridal
  • Special occasions
  • Photography (Glamour/Beauty/Fashion)
  • Personal makeup courses
  • Makeovers

You decide what you want. 

P.S: My rates vary because you may want something special. Feel free to contact me, and I won't let you down.