Makeup transformation III: Enhance your image, Boost your confidence

As a regular (quite likely addicted) internet surfer, I assume you are as guilty as me, occasionally eyeing and giggling at the abysmal collection of paparazzi photos capturing A list stars in daggy clothes without makeup. Most of them (except for a rare few blessed with exceptionally good genes or plastic surgery) look just as plain as your neighbours and colleagues, or maybe yourself. We all love this type of confidence boost, feeling instantly better about our not-so-glamorous self: thanks to the fact that “After all it’s just makeup and styling which makes her hotter than me.  ”

But hang on a second. In retrospect, do you actually realize you have the potential to look as good as a star if you put some extra effort into it? I believe beauty is not skin deep, but who would refuse to look and feel better? As a makeup artist, I have never seen an ugly woman, but only women who don’t know how to present their unique beauty to the beholders. Given proper styling and makeup, every woman is a sparkling diamond. Here, I am going to show you how it works.

Same as any busy research student, Amber dedicates most of her time in never-ending experimentation and report writing. She thinks she looks plain, with a few flaws that she obviously dislikes, such as uneven skin tone, round face and smallish eyes (But don’t most of us have these?). She doesn't feel glamorous or believe that she can look like a star. So my mission is to prove her wrong.


1. Step one: Perfect your skin. The whole procedure includes concealing, applying foundation, contouring, highlighting and enhancing complexion.


See how much fresher she already looks. All I have done is only on the skin. Beautiful skin should always be the focus of your makeup. No matter how amazing your eye/lip makeup is, if your skin doesn't look flawless, the colours will show up muddy and dirty. However remember do not ever suffocate your skin with too much foundation (Honey we are not doing drag makeup). You need to let the true skin texture show through. 

2. Step two: Contour your eyes and shape your eyebrows. The makeup can be stop here if you want a natural daily look.


How many times do I have to tell all you ladies to take care of your eyebrows? They are not just some facial hair! They frame your face while balancing all the features. Not only do Amber’s eyes appear lifted by the new eyebrows, her face shape also looks more defined. Also, there is one note for all eye makeup maniacs: Beautiful eye makeup is not about colours. It is all about using different shades and depth to enhance/define/correct your natural eye shape. Here I mainly used a matte medium brown to contour Amber’s eyes, in order to extend and lift her whole upper lid while creating some depth. You don’t always need to wear dark liner and colours. Subtle eye makeup is also beautiful. There is no liners used here at all.

3. Step three: Dramatize your eyes for a sultry look but balance it with subtle lips.  


Eyes are windows to the soul. I love using makeup to add drama, and smoky eyes are always the easiest and safest way. Although colourful smoky eyes are trendy at that moment, nobody can go wrong with the old school black and brown combination. Many people claim that bold eyes and bold lips can work, but I would save that for editorial work. By doing so, you will automatically lose the focus point on your face. That's why I used a nude pink lipstick on Amber.

Last but not least,  proper hair styling and matching wardrobe go hand in hand to enhance your image. Remember, clothes are not just pieces of material covering you up and keeping you warm, they are also a statement of your personality and taste. If you want to be fabulous, dress accordingly!

Fellow beauty enthusiasts, after seeing this, would you consider a make over to change or enhance your image?

Your friendly makeup artist,


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